5 Ways Instagram Is A Boom For Realtors

Just listed a house for sale in Oakland’s Temescal District at 4188 Opal Street.  I whipped out my HTC Evo 4G and started snapping pictures to offer preview looks to the social web community.

After a little touch up work on Instagram using it myriad of editing tools, Oakland’s newest listing in Temescal District was ready! Instagram was instant bling.

Realtors need bling quickly and nothing is better than a hot listing that you can show off to the whole world. Instagram is photo bling for the real estate industry. Any broker can show off a new listing, invite people to an event or anything in between, and they can easily do so right from their phone.


I have outlined 5 great reasons to use this app and I think full time agents like myself will love this new tool. I have used this app since the first day it was released on Android to quickly and easily showcase and expose my new listings  to my social network via twitter, facebook and others.

Facebook and Instagram are an awesome combination for tech savvy Real Estate Brokers and their agents. Consider the possibilities of always connecting with the public, showcasing your incredible community, city, collection of homes in the areas you serve. Think about it!

Top 5 Reasons

  1. Instagram allows real estate agents to share their photos on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr  and other social media accounts right from their smart phones. Just imagine if local Multiple Listing Service associations would connect to Instagram, I would not have to spend 30 minutes each day loading photos into the MLS. My clients properties would be marketed as soon as I left out the front door, after taking the listing.
  2. Building community via connecting your knowledge of your local community is huge for today’s buyers and sellers. Let’s be real! Part of the allure of being a real estate agent is people depend on your cool factor to know the neighborhoods, cool restaurants and commute times.
  3. Instagram like all social platforms makes the guy or gal in the suit look and sound more human and more trustworthy. National Association of Realtors states “Trust and Credibility” are two of the biggest concerns to consumers.
  4. Get more exposure for your client’s properties faster, simpler and wider in reach versus traditional methods.
  5. Smartphones today take incredible pictures.  Most brokers/agents spend a lot of of their time on the road, so Instagram is an all mobile platform

When working in some of the larger, fast paced real estate markets, such as the San Francisco Bay Area market, many agents find themselves constantly on the go.

Being able to share important photos of listings while away from the office is a necessity to many pros who want to stay caught up with the rapidly changing market and ahead of their competition.

Being a Realtor, Instagram makes me feel like Batman now, they have given my utility belt an amazing tool to market my client’s properties and sell more real estate. Thanks Instagram!

Jonathan Fleming is a Real Estate Broker, Tech Entrepreneur, World Traveler and Life Adventurer! I help people buy and sell real estate in the San Francisco Bay Area. Visit me at www.localhouseinfo.com