5 Ways Realtors Can Stay Smart Hiring Freelancers on Elance

5 Ways Realtors Can Stay Smart Hiring Freelancers on Elance

The New Way to Work continues to evolve, and you should, too. I often get questions from realtors asking me about smart ways to use online workers. In case you don’t know, I’ve been using Elance’s since inception to run my real estate brokerage firm, Jonathan Fleming & Associates, in the San Francisco Bay Area.     San Francisco Victorians


I love working remotely, and quite honestly I don’t know if I would have survived the real estate crash without the use of Elance. Here are some suggestions:

1)      Don’t hire freelancers who skirt the normal means of communication. For example, some freelancers will aggressively contact you outside of the network. Think about it: if someone is not following the basic rules for using Elance or oDesk.com, are they going to follow the rules to get your project done?

2)      Don’t communicate with freelancers who call you on the phone soliciting work.  If someone calls you, kindly tell them: “You are not to call me directly,” and just hang-up.

3)      Never pay outside Elance or oDesk. If you do this, then you are asking for trouble. I work in real estate. Would you hire a realtor who broke every rule when he/she came to your door? I hope not. 

4)      Use the escrow system: it is built to protect you. The escrow system gives you time to test out the work performed. You can “bug test” the software. It gives you time to evaluate whether the freelancer has truly finished the job before you pay them.

5)      Don’t let the freelancer rush you. In the world of hiring freelancers, we can forget we are the boss, not them. You have to set limits and establish guidelines of how you work.     

Real Estate has entered new territory. The possibilities keep increasing and enhance the ability of most realtors to employ sales teams and talented online workers who can take their businesses to the next level.

Jonathan Fleming runs a full service real estate services firm in the Bay Area; his company handles Sales, Leasing and Management of residential and commercial properties throughout Northern California. He can be reached at (510) 250-0946 or 800-892-1755, Ext 7.