Buying A Condo In Oakland East Bay With FHA Lending

Okay, you have really been looking for a home in Oakland, California, and then you realize I FOUND IT!!! Then... it turns out.. argggghhh you may not be able to buy it because it is not FHA approved... stop, put the breaks on that dream home! Buying Eastbay Real Estate gets rather complicated!


To make matters worse, you really love this place! Sigh... Take a deep breath; oh noooooo... my dream home condo needs to be approved by FHA before I can buy it???? What's up with that? What's up is FHA says they will not insure the loan unless the Condo development is FHA approved... and yes Townhouse's too if they are a Common Interest Developments!

For a long time FHA would do spot approvals but in 2010 the FHA stopped allowing this type of approval for individual units if the development was not approved. FHA is a great loan... but as they say he who has the money makes the rules!!!! The guidelines have changed several times in the last couple of years and they may continue to change.

Dude or duddette, it's a big shocker if you get to a property with your FHA approval, fall in love and then you can't buy it!! Here are the simple steps to take before you look at that Condo/Townhouse.

1. Strategically work with your Realtor... don't just run out and look for any ole condo, fall in love, then get your heart broken!! Most Realtors know what is approved and what is not approved. 
2. There is a website that you can check approvals for the developments. Most of the time, the links on website work don't work, however... if you look on your own... 
3. you should always verify with your Realtor to know for sure if the development is approved! Believe it or not, some agents don't know all the fine details of buying Condo's via FHA.

This website is not a big secret and it is easily found on but sometimes difficult to locate on the website.

Click on this link to do a simple search to see if a condo complex is FHA approved or not:

If you would like any information on FHA loans or even would like to apply for an FHA loan here in Oakland-EastBay, San Francisco Bay Areas, and Contra Costa County then don't hesitate to contact me now.

Remember that an FHA mortgage - home loan is not solely for first time home buyers. FHA is an old elephant of a loan that has been remade new to help today's home-buyers. In the San Francisco Bay Area you can buy upwards of $729k on FHA 3.5% Downpayment if all your other vital credentials workout such as you have a credible job besides being a day trader; you actually can pay the mortgage; and you have real pulse per-se!

Hope this blog is helpful to anyone looking to see if a condo is in an FHA approved development or not. If you are looking for a home, make sure you bookmark this web page to help yourself out!

This link needs to be added to your favorites so that you can go back to it if you ever need to look up a new condo complex.

Do you want to know how you can buy a home with your FHA downpayment and the development does not have to be FHA approved???? Call me today!!

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