Need help? Get smart real estate advice!

Jonathan Fleming & Associates provides real estate consulting services

My skills are simple I help people, I solve complex problems! Yeah, I might have a spelling error in this document, however you hire me to help you problem solve issues that are killing your pocketbook in most cases. 

Complex real estate problems? Or just issues that pop up in real estate that the common practitioner cannot help you solve-I’m usually that guy you call at 2am in the morning when you are stressed out over it!  

People have hired me to help them with troubled tenants; evict tenants; finds ways to help them increase their rents; and hired my firm to get their units ready to sell.

Clients have hired my team to help them raise rents. I have been called in to help resolve disputes.  I have evicted squatters in East Oakland.  Bottom-line, it is what you do not know that keeps you from going over the edge, of course, I am that guy to help you not go over the edge. 

I have an extensive background in Commercial real estate, consulting fees for commercial real estate start at $300 hourly.

I can help with market valuation issues; tenant negotiations, leasing issues; I can fix your problems.

Yes, I am a real estate fixer located in Oakland California however I work across the state of California in helping clients. Special care is always given to protecting clients privacy.

Fees for consulting by the hour:

$250 hourly for residential structures

$350 hourly for commercial related matters