Not Just another fancy CRM tool? Contactually can help your Sales Too!

Not Just another fancy CRM tool? Contactually can help your Sales Too!

New applications can sometimes over promise but can they deliver? Being a Realtor at times makes you an easy mark for this stuff. It reminds me of the sheriff in old western movies, he only needed a gun and a few bullets then someone sells more fancy stuff to take the same old bad guys out.

Contactually makes a compelling case for salespeople, realtors, entrepreneurs and business people that depend on connections to make their business operation run smoother.

Enter Contactually a recent discovery of mine, I guess I can keep it real, upfront and simple since I don’t get paid from them. Simple. We all have fully packed databases full of a bunch contacts, junk and people we promise ourselves we are going to call, follow-up and make something happen.

Contactually is great for serial procrastinators who collect contacts but never fully get back to those potential contacts, deal makers and people that might want your product. Here’s the problem, sometimes these people get lost in your CRM solution because of lost activity with people. Although  we love our CRM’s , they’re still like big SUV’s that cannot fully drive like a sports car unless maybe you get the Porsche Cayenne jokingly.

Case in point, when I started Contactually it reminded me of people I met at my meetups events, people I met at networking events and people I emailed regularly but then something happened, I got extremely busy in the wrong ways, I got busy being busy which is the curse of most sales and marketing people. 

This application speeds up that process by doing a an X-ray on all your movements i.e. communications through all your databases. If you are a Realtor, you get inquiries from home buyers, sellers and potential leads via your in-box.

Contactually scans all your in-boxes and CRM to monitor the right communications to make sure you are keeping in touch with your true fans that can help you make money. Yes, remember the best practices in business say  people do not like to to be sold right? Not true, people love great help from great talented people.

Contactually alters the landscape because it does ask that you get rid of your pricey elaborate CRM systems, it says kindly “Homey, let me show you and help you talk to the right people all the time” by showing your DNA tracks via communication to keep you in touch.

The initial scan was not too bad, Contactually application just asked me to enter or pick my profession or title. It scanned very strongly, pulled up people and help categorize people that got lost in the shuffle of too many contacts. Adding “Buckets” is another cool feature that helps your group, corral and make it easier to see your most important contacts for quicker viewing.

Of course, I have to address the skeptics in the room, “Does Contactually help you make money”?  IF you do the work anything helps you make money dude!  

Contactually is a game changer if you are a game changer.  It helps you do the simple better with a social media type feel.  If your goal in 2013 is increased business, talking to the  right people and making better use of that fancy CRM tool will help.

Lastly, some features were not working yet in Contactually because it is still in beta mode, however I am curious, impressed and excited at the future of this product.

Jonathan Fleming is a California Real Estate Broker, he runs Jonathan Fleming & Associates, a San Francisco Bay Area based residential and commercial firm. He develops technology for the real estate industry and speaks about his wacky ways of using tech tools to run his business at national and regional conferences.