Oakland’s Temescal District Gives You A Hip, Urban Lifestyle At A Fantastic Price

Oakland’s Temescal District is home to some seriously authentic people. It’s culture and foodie heaven! Oakland’s Temescal district sits near Downtown Oakland, right between your doorway to Berkeley, California, and Rockridge.

I get real estate calls from people who are either moving back to Oakland or relocating to Oakland for the first time. Most of the time they ask the obvious questions: what’s a great place that’s walk able, close to coffee shops and cafes.  I can think of many neighborhoods, but since folks love BART, if your budget is not near the million-dollar range, I will say, “Temescal District” in a heartbeat.  

You get authentic heaven. You get real people. You get vintage homes and just the right amount of urban sexy. On a recent lunch break, I dropped in at Genova Deli during rush hour. Because everyone knows this Oakland icon of a deli, the line was outside the door.

Then, the choice of restaurants approaches epic when you consider Barlata, one of Oakland’s hip, vibrant tapas restaurants and bar. Nearby is Oakland’s Burma Superstar, where you get tranquil, eclectic vibes and Burmese food, all on Telegraph Avenue.

Oh, let’s not forget about Bakesale Betty’s chicken sandwich royalty, which has a huge following during the week. Besides the chicken sandwiches, the lady creates awesome oatmeal cookies. Next up, you need great coffee, with a mixture of sandwiches and a cool hangout. Then welcome The Mixing Bowl, a heady mixture of coffee and unique dishes. 

A guy called me last week looking for a house in Oakland. He says, I’m from Chicago, but my wife thought Oakland was too dangerous. The guy said he needed something more urban and real, and he wanted to see all the folks! Translation: he wants to see some taco trucks, sometimes loud music, festivals, cheap chinese food and real people. Then, I said: “Dude, you need to move to Oaktown!”


Jonathan Fleming runs a full service real estate services firm in the San Francisco Bay Area based in Oakland, Calfornia. His company and team handles Sales, Leasing and Management of residential and commercial properties throughout Northern California. He can be reached at (510) 250-0946, Ext 7.