Hanging out with Tim Ferriss “4 Hour Chef” At San Francisco Commonwealth Club

1,000 True Fans is all you need, Ferriss mentioned it as being a great article to read about building your tribe. He also recommended reading Kagen’s blog post on “4 Hour Work Week Blog”. Whether you love him or hate him, the guy is inventive, true to his craft and he's a big bold thinker that can help any entrepreneur.

Ferriss talked about a wide range issues, most notably his rationale for writing the "4 Hour Chef" which I have not purchased, however any book that purports to teach bad cooks such as myself "How to Cook" better I am game.
The most important part of“4 Hour Chef” is one new ingredient in terms of book distribution and one old yet spicy ingredient consisting of the continual innovation of one's “Do It Yourself” mantra in life.

I am torn between distributing books to independent bookstores which make it possible to taste it and experience it before you buy it vs distributing online to book sellers like Amazon due to the disruptive nature they provide with direct 1:1 feedback and interaction with your  customers. Ferriss spent a little time talking about his recent attempts to release his book “4 Hour Chef” via Amazon publishing.

Ferriss discusses ways to learn complex, difficult and mass information into chunks of simple understanding versus continual confusion. Mike McAllen that runs Grass Shack Events & Mediafelt his recent discovery of Ferris was instrumental in some of his current and future ventures.

Ways to get started included “Looking at your friends spending habits for ideas or services to build”  and “scratching your own itch”.  Ferris mentioned. Solving problems is about learning to “Deconstruct the complexity in steps” in the form of Charles Mingus, “Making the simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity”. Habits are simple, if you break one, just get back in gear the next day or second, don’t waste time beating yourself up.

Ferris went into details about his new book “"The 4 Hour Chef"which covers simple, easy and non complex ways to cook exotic foods. He shared one of his fab recipes which includes lamb shanks, tomatoes, wine, and garlic baked at 350 degrees in the oven.

This book will help all the single men or women trying to impress the “special one” with their new refined cooking skills. After wards, I jokingly asked him about his omission of leaving off “Chitlins” I said: “Dude that’s complicated hah, is it in the next book?”! Ferris comes across fun, down to earth and disarming in these sense you could have beer with the gentleman.
Despite the criticisms, I love any knowledge that preaches “the art of simple with less steps” because after all, life can be complicated.

Ferriss closing advice was even simpler, “Start having 2 to 4 long dinners twice a week with family or friends for ultimate happiness”, Ferriss. Great words of advice, so let’s have dinner soon!

  1. Look at peoples spending habits to find or develop new business concepts

  2. Deconstruct the problem to make it easier for you

  3. Dieting or habits are about being able to get back on track without guilt trips

  4. Does not matter if you broke habit getting back on is key concern

  5. 2 to 4 long dinners a week twice a week with  friends and family

Jonathan Fleming is a Bay Area Real Estate Broker, he runs Jonathan Fleming & Associates. Co-founder of Eastbay Localpreneur, blogger and life adventurer,  he can be reached at @jonathanfleming or localhouseinfo.com